The Biotech District of the Lazio region

The objective of this research is to give the opportunity for local actors to express their own judgments on the current condition of the district of Lazio, so as to provide to local and national administrations information on the activities to be undertaken on a priority basis to allow the district to increase its competitiveness.

To do this, we asked the companies of the Lazio biotech District to give their own impression on the competitive position of the district compared to eight critical factors for its development.

The eight critical factors are what Michael Porter, a professor at Harvard University and founder of the strategy consulting firm Monitor Group, has used to assess the level of competitiveness of the technological district of the Bay Area in California.

The picture that emerges is representative, in our view, not only of the reality of Lazio, but of all the national reality. We have technological and scientific capacity, thanks to the excellent academic preparation, but lacks the will to do the system, especially the lack of capital and management with international experience.

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