Gift card: a strategic convergence. Where retail, marketing and finance meet

From October 2015 in the bookshops the new book of Salvatore Bellomo published by Franco Angeli.…
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Inside Partners financial advisor for the sale of API SpA

API SpA, a company operating in the field of special equipment for hydroelectric power plants and…
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Soluzioni Negoziali alla Crisi d’Impresa

Since October 2012 in all bookstore the book of Salvatore Bellomo "Soluzioni Negoziali alla Crisi d'Impresa"…
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La Finanza Straordinaria

Since October 2007 in all bookstores the book of Salvatore Bellomo ""La Finanza Straordinaria come mezzo…
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Our Values

INS: like Insead, the international business school that many Italian and international professionals attended, to represent the quality of our job and the international vision of our company

SIDE: because we aim at being at the side of our clients

INSIDE: Because we use to analyse the problems at deep, from inside


About us

Inside Partners is an independent strategic advisor focused on helping Enterprises during the process of growth, development, and internationalization, and on assisting those investors that decide to financially contribute to the process.

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