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A potential to be exploited for all gift cards as incentive and loyalty tool
by Salvatore Bellomo
Promotion Magazine, January-February 2016, pages 62-65

A recent analysis by the University of Padua  shows that  only 9% of companies uses gift cards for incentive and retention activities, and that the vast majority of this percentage, uses them to encourage and reward employees and sales force.

Promotion Magazine

Gift Card: The Strategic Convergence of Retail, Marketing, and Finance.
by Salvatore Bellomo
Harvard Business Review Italia, january-february 2016, pages 112-117

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Harvard Business Review Italia

Prepaid Summit Europe: gift cards toward a convergence among retail, marketing and finance.
Instoremag: November 11, 2015

“Within two to three years we will see an explosion of this market, because it has all the features to make retail, marketing and finance meetit is the belief of Salvatore Bellomo, so that in this way he subtitled is last bookGift Card: a strategic convergence” written with Gianluca Rossi and Mario Anzanello (Franco Angeli) .(in Italian)

Salvatore Bellomo:
Clusters are Insufficient, we need more mergers
Il Sole 24 Ore: 01 aprile 2009

Industrial districts have been over the years a basic factor for the development of the Italian economy, having enabled SMEs to grow and become more competitive. (in Italian)

Not only Crisis but also Opportunity
Il Padova: 5 febbraio 2009

Rovoletto: Ffsco and bureaucracy: these are the obstacles. Bellomo, Inside Partners: mergers reward turnovers. (In Italian)

Corporate Finance for SMEs
Attached to the daily newspaper “Il Giornale” Dossier Lombardia
September 2008

Professor Salvatore Bellomo, CEO of Inside Partners and author of “Corporate Finance for SMEs”, explains how the Italian SMEs are forced to grow quickly to the face the global market (in Italian) 

The master of the engineer between Padova and Suzhou
Il Mondo: 27 giugno 2008

Guangdong, which is the region of Canton, seems to have entered in a industrial crisis, today those who want to do business in China go to Suzhou (in Italian)  

Bertone, Lilli back to attack.
Giugiaro and an Indian company among the potential buyers
La Repubblica: 14 March 2008

“On March 7, the three (commissioners appointed by the bankruptcy court of Turin) met James Winterbotham of India Advisory Partners and Salvatore Bellomo of Inside Partners that move on behalf of an Indian group …” (in Italian)

Opera VC acquires Vetrerie Riunite
Finanza e Mercati: 28 February 2008

“…buyers have been assisted by the law firm NCTM, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Inside Partners.” (in Italian)

New Syringes: Security and Economic Advantage
Tecnica Ospedaliera: May 2007

“by Salvatore Bellomo (managing partner Inside Partners) and Cristiano Giacchè (analysr Inside Partners) ” (in italian)

When Lazio is biotech
Notiziario Chimico Farmaceutico : November 2006

… from an analysis conducted by Inside Partners in collaboration with the University of Rome Tor Vergata and with the sponsorship of Assobiotec ….(in Italian)

The Market for Agricultural Tractors in growth over the next six years
Macchine Agricole : March 2006

“From a recent study conducted by Fountainburg Associates and Inside Partners has emerged ….(in Italian)

Buyouts – Natexis Cape SGR Spa Unquote : December 2005 / January 2006

“Natexis Cape used the strategic advisory firm Inside Partners to carry out the commercial due diligence…. According to Salvatore Bellomo of Inside Partners, demand for….” (in English)