A potential to be exploited for all gift cards as incentive and loyalty tool
by Salvatore Bellomo
Promotion Magazine, January-February 2016, pages 62-65

A recent analysis by the University of Padua  shows that  only 9% of companies uses gift cards for incentive and retention activities, and that the vast majority of this percentage, uses them to encourage and reward employees and sales force.

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Gift card: a strategic convergence. Where retail, marketing and finance meet

From October 2015 in the bookshops the new book of Salvatore Bellomo published by Franco Angeli.
The volume explores systematically the gift card market, phenomenon of global reach and rapid development, explaining the peculiarities, the market and the strategic prospects.
Born as payment system in lieu of paper vouchers, with time gift cards have assumed the status of a true consumer product, with specific logic of positioning in supermarkets, marketing and pricing.
The similarity with loyalty cards has then pushed the use as an incentives tool, while recently they have become instruments of electronic payment (in fact anonymous payment cards) or the system to introduce financial products into retail chains.
They are therefore a versatile product that presents tremendous opportunities not only as a gift for the ultimate consumer, but also as a marketing and incentive tool for  sales force and staff, thanks to the possible tax savings related to their use.
A book full of examples from different business sectors, for sales and marketing managers and for HR managers of Italian companies.
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Gift Card Book

Inside Partners financial advisor for the sale of API SpA

API SpA, a company operating in the field of special equipment for hydroelectric power plants and hydraulic systems (water purification) with a brand that over the years has established itself as a benchmark for quality and reliability in the industry, was sold to Asco Pompe srl.

Api SpA shareholders were advised in this transaction by Inside Partners as financial advisor and the law firm Marchesi and Fedeli as legal advisor.


Soluzioni Negoziali alla Crisi d’Impresa

Since October 2012 in all bookstore the book of Salvatore Bellomo “Soluzioni Negoziali alla Crisi d’Impresa” edited by da Franco Angeli.
A book for all the players involved in the negotiation, but particularly to entrepreneurs in difficulty, to their creditors, their consultants, to all those people that, due to the current economic climate, are, against their will, for the first time dealing with a crisis situation, proposing a comprehensive analysis of their expectations, of the rights and duties assigned to them by the law.

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Soluzioni_Negoziali_Prima copertina

The New Charity Card: An Help to Haiti

We are pleased to inform you of an important initiative of our client Epipoli SpA: a special gift card distributed in shops and supermarkets to give practical help while you shop.

AGIRE – Italian Agency for Emergency Response -,in collaboration with Epipoli and Aragorn, launches Friday, January 29 the Charity Card Emergency Haiti, a practical tool to enable everyone to contribute to the earthquake victims in a simple and effective way.

Supermarkets and large retail shops will provide its customers the “charity cards” worth 5 euro. Presenting it to the cashier as a normal product, the Charity Card will make a deposit of 5 Euros to support emergency projects of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) belonging to AGIRE non-profit organization. Actionaid, CESVI, CISP, COOPI, GVC, Intersos, Save the Children, Terre des Hommes and VIS, already operating in Haiti, will transform the donation in practical help for hundreds of thousands of people: food, clean water, health interventions, construction of temporary shelter, counseling, but also long-term reconstruction projects.

A confirmation of payment on your purchase receipt will print a PIN code. If the donor will want to also receive a certificate of donation, just enter the PIN in the “Activate Your Gift Card” site and follow the instructions.
The Charity Card Emergency Haiti will be available in special exhibitors Gift Card Epipoli in participating stores (the list of which is published on the site as well as on the site
Aragorn and Epipoli thank the companies of large retailers that have joined the initiative: Aspiag Despar, Auchan, Cadoro, Conforama, Sigma Consortium Europe, ESSELUNGA, SGM Marco Polo EXPERT, The Giant, The Great Hyper I, Ipercarni, New Distribution Superdì, Supermedia Trony, Tigros, Unieuro.


La Finanza Straordinaria

Since October 2007 in all bookstores the book of Salvatore Bellomo “”La Finanza Straordinaria come mezzo di crescita per la Piccola e Media impresa” edited by Franco Angeli

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Finanza straordinaria