Solutions and Opportunities for SME in a period of Crisis

invito_gizip High success for the GIZIP Convention in Padua, about Opportunities and Solution for SME during a crisis period.
gizip2During the Convention important and crutial matters have benn disussed, like the nature and possible duration of the crisis, the opportunities and the solutions for the SME to front the crisis.Speakers have also discussed real cases about valorisation of a distressed company, turnaround, restructuring.
gizip1A moment of the convention: from left dr. Gianbattista Duso, director corporate Antonveneta, dr. Salvatore Bellomo, managing partner Inside Partners, geom. Roberto Rovoeltto, president GIZIP, avv. Fabio Gabrieli, ing. Alberto Della Porta, partner Inside Partners, avv. Dante De Benedetti, ing. Francesco Silleni, CEO centrobanca Sviluppo Impresa sgr.