Inside Partners helps companies in projects of extraordinary nature. In particular our efforts concern the following areas:


  • Transaction Services
    • Business Due Diligence
    • Business Plan Validation
    • IPO Advisory


  • Corporate Strategy
    • Valuation of possible growth optionsMake vs. Buy
    • Analysis of potential markets and definition of an appropriate entry strategy
    • Search for potential aprtners or targets for acquisitions
    • Business e Financial Planning


  • M&A
    • Buy and sell side mandates
    • Preparation of financial and business plan finalised to capital or debt requirement
    • Company valuation


  • Restructuring
    • Valuation of the financial and economical situation and definition of the needs
    • Valuation of core assets
    • Valuation of the possible solutions abd consequent implementatio


  • Associations and Institutions Assistance
    • Internationalization
    • Territorial Marketing
    • Search for FDI (Foreign Direct Investors)


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