Gift card: a strategic convergence. Where retail, marketing and finance meet

From October 2015 in the bookshops the new book of Salvatore Bellomo published by Franco Angeli.
The volume explores systematically the gift card market, phenomenon of global reach and rapid development, explaining the peculiarities, the market and the strategic prospects.
Born as payment system in lieu of paper vouchers, with time gift cards have assumed the status of a true consumer product, with specific logic of positioning in supermarkets, marketing and pricing.
The similarity with loyalty cards has then pushed the use as an incentives tool, while recently they have become instruments of electronic payment (in fact anonymous payment cards) or the system to introduce financial products into retail chains.
They are therefore a versatile product that presents tremendous opportunities not only as a gift for the ultimate consumer, but also as a marketing and incentive tool forĀ  sales force and staff, thanks to the possible tax savings related to their use.
A book full of examples from different business sectors, for sales and marketing managers and for HR managers of Italian companies.
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