Negotiation Strategy

The course aims to create and develop negotiation skills in executives who often, for purely technical academic education or business role held, have not had the opportunity to develop sufficiently.

In particular, the course is focused on the dynamics of negotiations related to the areas of greatest relevance for executives, such as:

  •  carry out promotion and marketing of the company and its services, increasing the impact on the market;
  • apply a Clients approach strategy   that allows to represent in a simple and effective way what the company is able to offer;
  • learn to interpret adequately the needs, even implicit, of the Customer;
  • identify potential new business opportunities in different markets and in services beyond those offered so far;
  • develop vision and entrepreneurial approach;
  • improve the capacity of proposal and negotiation with the customer;


To provide more effective learning, the course includes several moments of business games with simulation of real cases.

The course can be developed in modules 1 to 3 days depending on the requirements, or be structured to specific requests, such as negotiation for:

  • international marketing office
  • purchasing department
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • top management

The topics covered are:

  • Basics
    • Introduction
    • Estimating Counterpart’s Reaction: Game Theory
    • Understanding the Other Party’s Interests
  • Negotiation Dynamics
    • Get Ready to Negotiation
    • Communication
    • Negotiation Tools
    • Time Related Issues
  • Advanced Negotiation
    • Multi-issues Bargaining
    • Team Dynamics
    • Multi-parties Bargaining
    • Auctions
  • Cultural and Ethical Issues
    • Ethical Issues
    • Negotiate with Difficult People
    • Promises & Threats
    • Negotiating with different cultures
    • Genders Negotiation
  • Applied Negotiation
    • Third Party Intervention
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Sales Force and  Purchasing dpt
    • Negotiation through a media
    • Negotiation and Company Crisis

The course is taught by  Salvatore Bellomo, who holds some course modules even at CUOA, where they found a considerable success (vote expressed on a scale of 1 to 6):