Business Strategy


The course aims to create and develop strategic skills.


In particular, the course is focused on the dynamics of value creation in the development of new business opportunities, such as:

  • Analysis of markets and identifying new markets
  • Understanding of the competitive dynamics
  • Understanding customer needs and identification of new potential customers
  • Analysis of needs and creation of new services that allow to satisfy market areas not served
  • Analysis of the coherence between the internal structure and market requirements, the definition of areas for improvement and actions aimed at overcoming them
  • Definition of a strategy to create a sustainable competitive advantage over time


To provide more effective learning, the course includes various moments of analysis and discussion of real cases, and especially the various methodologies presented are applied to the reality of the customers, in fact performing together with the management a strategic assessment of the strategic consistency of the company.


The course can be developed in modules 1 to 3 days depending on the requirements


The course is taught by  Salvatore Bellomo, who holds some course modules even at CUOA, where they found a considerable success (vote expressed on a scale of 1 to 6):